Watch Jodi Arias trial live: Testimony highlights 'Jodi Arias hacked into Bobby Juarez email accounts'' (videos)

Those interested in watching the Jodi Arias trial live may do so by clicking the live stream above this post. There are also trial videos from day one up until now at the top of the blog. There have been new developments in the Jodi Arias trial culminating in another "ping pong" volleying session between the woman accused of murdering her lover and the relentless prosecutor Juan Martinez.

Earlier in the trial, it was learned that Jodi Arias had hacked into her ex-boyfriend Bobby Juarez' email account. The admission is one of several that indicates Jodi Arias has a long history of stalking behaviors. The activity took place in 1998, and she used a public library to read through his private emails.

According to the testimony, Jodi Arias discovered that Bobby Juarez was emailing other women and she broke up with him. They did reunite however.

Do you feel this testimony will help or hurt the defense?